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Not Just for the Money

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Titlul complet: Not Just for the Money: An Economic Theory of Personal Motivation
Autor: Bruno S. Frey

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In Not Just For the Money Professor Frey challenges traditional economic theory and argues that people do not act in expectation of monetary gain alone, nor do they work solely because they are paid. Furthermore the author claims that higher monetary compensation as well as regulations crowd-out motivation in important circumstances.

Offering higher pay may make people less committed to their work and may reduce their performance. They thus behave in exactly the opposite way the fundamental price-effect of economics predicts.

The first part of the book considers the Crowding-Out Effect and the Motivational Spill-Over Effect. The second part explores a large number of applications to constitutional questions, various policy issues and the organization of firms. The final part discusses the substantial consequences for policy making and economic theory.

Data articol: octombrie 1, 2010

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