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The Six Disciplines of Breakthrough Learning

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Titlul complet: The Six Disciplines of Breakthrough Learning: How to Turn Training and Development into Business Results

Autori: Calhoun W. Wick, Roy V. H. Pollock, Richard D. Flanagan, Andy Jefferson 

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Why are some corporate education programs truly transformational while other programs have minimal effect? What elements of training and development help propel companies to a higher level of performance that delivers results of significant value?

Based on years of research, this book identifies the six disciplines that characterize breakthrough learning and development initiatives: Define Outcomes in Business Terms Design the Complete Experience Deliver for Application Drive Follow-Through Deploy Active Support Document Results.

The authors present an innovative approach that accelerates the transfer and application of corporate learning. The Six Disciplines provides the definitive road map and tools for optimizing the business impact of leadership and management training, sales, quality, performance improvement, and individual development programs. This important book presents the theories and techniques behind the approach and includes expert advice for bridging the „learning-doing” gap. The authors’ recommendations are illustrated with dozens of real-life examples from successful companies on the cutting edge of results-driven educational performance.

When the six disciplines are practiced diligently by learning and development organizations, their programs make a greater contribution to business success andgain the recognition they deserve.

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Data articol: octombrie 4, 2010

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