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How the World’s Best Companies Simulate to Innovate

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Titlul complet: Serious Play: How Individual Performance Scales Up

Autor: Michael Schrage

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Successful Innovation Demands More Than a Good Strategic plan; it requires creative improvisation. Much of the „serious play” that leads to breakthrough innovations is increasingly linked to experiments with models, prototypes, and simulations. As digital technology makes prototyping more cost-effective, serious play will soon lie at the heart of all innovation strategies, influencing how businesses define themselves and their markets.

Author Michael Schrage is one of today’s most widely recognized experts on the relationship between technology and work. His trenchant, witty columns and bestselling books on innovation are read – and used – by managers and technologists alike. In Serious Play, Schrage argues that the real value in building models comes less from the help they offer with troubleshooting and problem solving than from the insights they reveal about the organization itself. Technological models can actually change us – improving the way we communicate, collaborate, learn, and innovate.

With real-world examples and engaging anecdotes, Schrage shows how companies such as Disney, Microsoft, Boeing, IDEO, and Daimler Chrysler use serious play with modeling technologies to facilitate the collaborative interactions that lead to innovation. A user’s guide included with the book helps readers apply many of the innovation practices profiled throughout. A landmark book by one of the most perceptive voices in the field of innovation, Serious Play will earn an important place on the bookshelves of every forward-looking business manager.

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Data articol: octombrie 4, 2010

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